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Video Booth

It allows you to make funny snapshots and videos using your webcam
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Video Booth is a funny application that allows you to make snapshots and videos using your webcam. Once you make them, you can share snapshots and videos with your friends and contacts through Facebook, thanks to a special feature the program includes for this purpose. You can also use the "Continuous shooting" feature to take four snapshots and create a photo collage with ease.

The program is capable of detecting and using your webcam and microphone automatically, though you can also access the "Options" window to specify which ones to use in case you have more than one installed. Once you see your image in the program's main window, you can use the "Snap" button to capture a single snapshot, the "Continuous shooting" to take a series of 4 snapshots or the "Record" button to start making a video. All the options activate a prior 3 seconds countdown, so you have enough time to pose and make sure that your photo or video will look exactly as you expect. Besides, at the bottom of the window you can see thumbnails of your recent photos, collages or videos, and you can delete them or select them for playback, export or share on Facebook.

In my opinion, the funniest feature of the program is the variety of effects you can apply to your photos or videos. By simply clicking on the "Effects" button, you can select one of the 32 available ones that include pixelation, negative, snow, magnifying glass, newspaper, jail and many more. They allow you to create really cool snapshots and videos that your friends and family will surely enjoy a lot.

The only disadvantage I can find about this program is that its free version won't allow you to export or save your captured photos or videos. To achieve it, you need to upgrade to the Pro version by buying a license for $24.95. The Pro version, however, offers you several additional advantages like many more effects, photos/videos sharing in social networks other than Facebook, lifetime support, etc. If you enjoy using the free version of Video Booth, I would highly encourage you to upgrade it to its Pro version.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very easy to use.
  • Recognizes your webcam and microphone automatically.
  • Allows you to select among 32 funny and amazing effects.
  • Activates a 3-second countdown before capturing your snap or video.
  • Includes a "Continuous shooting" feature


  • The free version doesn't allow you to export or save your photos and videos
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